Baseball is one of the greatest memories I have of my childhood with my dad. It brought plenty of joy, laughter, fun, learning curves, anger and many disagreements. Baseball was more than a sport in my family. It was a place were my family grew together, every Summer, we could be found together at the baseball field until the night time stars illuminated the sky, and then reconvened around our kitchen table for late night dinner.

Baseball brought my family together.  No matter what stage of life I was in, no matter what mountain I was facing, I always knew I could find comfort in talking with my dad about baseball.

There’s no doubt, we had our challenging times of head on collisions, but in the end baseball was just a game. It really wasn’t ever about the game. It was about the time we spent together as a family. We learned about each other, we grew together, we traveled together, we protected each other, we challenged each other in different ways, and we fought together.  But we were together.

Love Always Remains.

This post was inspired by the random act of kindness from a complete stranger named Thomas. I received an over-sized envelope in the mail to my church office the other day. I opened the envelope to find a hand written note and an original 1991 Chicago White Sox yearbook (see photo above). Thomas had recently read an article written on my Valentine’s Day adoption story in the OC Register (see link on media & resource page). He was moved by the story and saw how much baseball was apart of my life. After reading how the Chicago White Sox were the team my dad raised me up to support, he decided to send me the yearbook as a reminder of all of the wonderful memories and time I was able to share with my dad.

Just over a week ago, I preached on how we reach our neighbors through love, compassion and mercy. Never in my wildest dreams, would I have thought, I would be at the receiving end of my own sermon. My sermon was based on putting Love into Action, stepping over your barriers that hold you back on an everyday basis of showing intentional compassion, mercy, and love towards others.

This simple act of intentional love puts in perspective how often we go through our daily, routine based, busy lives with blinders on. We forget that in our lives, the ones around us matter the most. If we neglect to take a moment and look around, we potentially miss the purpose and journey that is waiting for us to embark on. Everyday God gives us the opportunity to show someone love, but we just have to be willing to ACT.

Thank you Thomas for reminding me how to simply step into putting Love and compassion into action.

If people in our neighborhoods, workplaces, and cities took Love and put it into Action, what would the environment we lived in look like? How can you put Love into Action?